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Coaching Style & Approach: 

I like to help individuals directly and via workplaces with individuals that are stuck in a rut or seem overwhelmed or unsure on their next move/s to build on their own personal strengths and achieve their own potential.  I also work with individuals in supporting their management and leadership journey with coaching.


My style is best described as optimistic, supportive, engaging and curious. I believe that everyone has the potential to do great work and achieve - they get to define that potential and possibility...and I help by curating the journey along the way.

I work with clients, providing exceptional coaching around their needs. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation, ICF.


Get in touch if you're ready to move forward on a change journey, and have a 'thinking partner' in the process.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership and management coaching (stand alone or supporting wider learning & development programme)

  • Career coaching

  • HR coaching

  • Supporting times of transformational change or feeling at a career cross roads (including workplace change)

  • Improving Self Confidence

  • Working with parents returning to work or balancing priorities!

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Individual Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching – delivered as one on one adhoc sessions or in a 'bundle' package.

Tailored Coaching Packages

Tailored Coaching Packages – these are usually 8-14 weeks through to 6 months.

Often supported by 360 Feedback tool focusing on leadership behaviours (LBP) or emotional & social intelligence (ESI); with development action plans leveraging strengths and developing focus areas with a 6 month 'pulse' feedback.

Tailored packages also have access to wrap around support and learning tools to support key themes ie reflective learning, creating the vision, self awareness and loads more!

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