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HR Solutions Consultancy

HR Style: 

Pragmatic, simple and down to earth HR advice and support delivered to managers / business owners and team members. It's commercial and practical in style. I'm a 'thinker and a doer' and that shows in both my communications and how I build relationships and rapport.

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HR Advice

HR Advice – support and guidance across the employment lifecycle including recruitment & selection, onboarding, job descriptions, learning, performance, development, retention, salary & wage reviews, wellbeing, and termination/exit.

Employment Relations

Employment issues – poor performance, absences, disciplinaries, employee investigations, restructuring and change management. Assisting managers or taking the lead, as appropriate by the business and context.

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HR policy, processes & framework

HR policy, processes and framework – getting the basics right and keeping it simple (if that's your style!)

HR Audits & Health checks - reviewing current HR practices, policies and compliance, outlining risks and opportunities.

Change Management

Change Management - significant experience in company restructures, organisational design, change initiatives, navigating the legal, process and people requirements to effectively implement and embed change or transform.

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Performance Management & Development

Performance, Development & Coaching – performance management, employee development, curated 1 on 1 coaching for managers / identified talent.

Culture & Engagement

Culture & Engagement – getting the most out of your team, flexible working, reward and recognition, looking after your people, building the culture.


Facilitation & Workshops

Building Effective Teams & Work Communications Training - team focused facilitation workshops tailored around team understanding and connection.

People & HR strategy

People & HR strategy – understanding the company strategy and developing the people strategy to support achieving these goals including resourcing / workforce planning, succession, mentoring, development,

and future focused requirements.

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