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Workshop Facilitation
& Internal Communications


Internal Communications, Visuals & Strategy

Ghost writing – along with key internal contacts writing company internal newsletters, communications, change communication plans or townhall meetings to communicate business or division updates.

Effective clear visuals – providing supporting images, visuals, infographics that support the messages being conveyed.

Internal communications strategy – understanding the company strategy and developing the internal communications strategy to support achieving these goals.

Team, Culture, Communication & Leadership Workshops

Building Effective Teams & Work Communications - team focused facilitation workshops tailored around team understanding and connection.  These can be curated to the team dynamics, requirements and timings available!

Culture & Engagement – getting the most of your team through effective internal communications.

Leadership & Communications - focused facilitation for managers and leaders developing leadership skills.  Workshops and supported by coaching options.

Sessions may incorporate tools like Team Management Profiles (TMP), Leadership Behaviour Profiles (LBP), and Emotional Culture Deck (ECD) cards.

Be Awareness - square.png

"Be Awesome: Don't be a Dick" Workshop

This is a culture and ways of working workshop and program designed for organisations and teams about getting real, being respectful and choosing to create the workplace culture they want to thrive in.

Mini Sessions & Topics

Sessions can be delivered in 60 - 90 -120 mins online or in person.

Topics tailored to session but core sessions include:

  • Active Listening

  • Good Communication - the elements & using them

  • Expectations - setting & communication

  • Power of feedback - giving & receiving

  • Culture Club - check in conversations

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