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Why the name ... hr butter?

Have you ever been to a restaurant, and thought that was the best food ever?

How come it tastes so good?

Now on that particular night it could be the amazing company you're keeping, the ambience, or the fact someone else is cooking dinner BUT often I think it's the secret ingredient. It's the generous usage of butter in gently kneading the dough, used in frying the fish to perfection, in sauteing the onions and garlic, in the creation of the flawless sauce, and to deliver the epic crispy fried sage as the garnish. Even better, when it's the perfect temperature butter ready to lavishly lather on the freshly made warm bread.


Simply put, it's a metaphor for the secret ingredient. The use of butter is far more generous than any somewhat health conscious individual would dare to use in everyday homecooked meals, but gosh, it makes the meal so much better! It's the ingredient that is sometimes celebrated, sometimes unseen - hidden away and silently doing the work, but is crucial in it's role and contribution. The ingredient that makes it all better, people.

hr butter is designed to provide people (HR) advice to businesses (across the full business and employee experience remit), along with developing and delivering awesome internal communications; and coaching to individuals and teams to unlock our potential and be our best selves.

Thanks, Kate

(No offense intended to any of my vegan and lactose intolerant wider circle - you already get it, and know it's about people matters!)

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